Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Itinerary

The benefit of planning a huge vacation with Jared has been that I haven't had to bear the burden of planning in the least, a change from most of my recent trips. In fact, for a while, I - often the perfectionist, type-A member of a group - felt like a bit of a slacker. Although we mutually decided on our planned itinerary, he took the lead in Vietnam and Cambodia, scheduling what should be awesome tours through Ha Long Bay and the Sapa Region in Northern Vietnam, the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam, and several days seeing the temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I eventually became more active in the planning process and scheduled most of our activities in Thailand, which will include highlights of scuba diving and elephant trekking. We will be winging things a bit more after we leave Thailand, as Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji will be a bit more relaxed and manageable.

For those of you (*cough* MOM) who want to know our exact itinerary, I've copied it below. Jared outlined our route in Google Earth above - I think our total mileage is somewhere around 27,000 miles! Our first stop is Hong Kong and I'm sure we'll have good internet there, so look for our first trip post in a few days.

Code Destination Nights Arrival Date Departure Date Departure Flight

Travel Day 1
6/3/10 Cathay Pacific CX841
HKG Hong Kong 3 6/4/10 6/7/10 Dragon Air CX6735
HAN Hanoi (Halong Bay, Sapa) 6 6/7/10 6/13/10 Jetstar 811
SGN Ho Chi Minh (Mekong Delta, Cuchi Tunnels) 3 6/13/10 6/16/10 Vietnam Airlines 9884 (Cambodia Angkor Air)
REP Angkor Wat + Temples 3 6/16/10 6/19/10 Bangkok Airways 924,217
CNX Chiang Mai 3 6/19/10 6/22/10 Bangkok Airways 242
USM Koh Samui 5 6/22/10 6/27/10 Bangkok Airways PG962 to Bangkok
DPS Bali 5 6/28/10 7/3/10 Jetstar 82 to Darwin, Jetstar 58 to Cairns
CNS Barrier Reef (Cairns) 3 7/4/10 7/7/10 Quantas 2503
HTI Hamilton Island 3 7/7/10 7/10/10 Jetstar 855 to Brisbane
SYD Sydney 4 7/10/10 7/14/10 Jetstar 151
CHC Arrive Christchurch 7 7/15/10 7/22/10 Inter Island Ferry
AKL Depart from Auckland 4 7/22/10 7/26/10 Air NZ 54
NAN Fiji 6 7/26/10 8/1/10 Continental 950 connect to CO14

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